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The Florida Climate Institute (FCI) is a multi-disciplinary network of national and international research and public organizations, scientists, and individuals concerned with achieving a better understanding of climate variability and change.

The FCI has eleven member universities – Florida A&M University (FAMU); Florida Atlantic University (FAU); Florida Institute of Technology (FIT); Florida International University (FIU)Florida State University (FSU); Nova Southeastern University (NSU); the University of Central Florida (UCF); the University of Florida (UF); the University of Miami (UM); the University of South Florida (USF); and Stetson University (SU) – and is supported by relevant colleges, centers, and programs at these universities. UF and FSU initiated the FCI in 2010; FAU, UCF, UM, and USF formally joined in 2012; FIU formally joined in 2013; FAMU formally joined in 2014; FIT formally joined in 2015; and NSU formally joined in 2017.

The FCI is led by an executive board consisting of two faculty from each member university. The two faculty at each university include a university FCI branch director and an additional person selected by the university. Leadership of the executive board consists of a chair and an associate chair. UF currently serves as the FCI host institution and, as such, coordinates the central operational duties. As branch director of the host institution, Dr. James W. Jones currently serves as the FCI chair. The host institution rotates among member universities and is reconsidered every three years. Each member university also has support staff to assist the executive board in developing, executing, and evaluating FCI programs and activities.

Over 200 individual affiliates, including university researchers and representatives from government and industry, have joined the FCI. Anyone with a strong interest in climate research, teaching, and/or outreach is welcome to become an affiliate.

For a summary of our expertise, please view our list of projects.

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